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Through in-depth exchanges with MIT and Cornell University, the top universities in the United States, will further strengthen the academic running capacity of Macduffie School and improve the academic competitiveness of the school. Through communication, exchange and interaction with Cornell and MIT universities, it will further enhance the academic competitiveness and leadership ability of each student of Macduffie School, and will help Macduffie students to go global Top universities lay a solid foundation for further study. Cooperate with MIT's underwater robot project and carry out various summer camp activities with Cornell University, such as the "Macduffie-Cornell Summer Leadership Summer Camp" project, in order to strengthen and expand the comprehensive capabilities of students The core competitiveness of university admissions.
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No.799 Huifeng North Road,Fengxian District,Shanghai
It only takes 30-40 minutes to drive through the cross-river tunnel of Hongmei South Road from the city to the school; the school is adjacent to the extension line of Metro Line 5 and there is a school bus shuttle.
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