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At the end of the 19th century, college education in the United States was already vivid, but female education was rare. Due to high tuition fees and mainstream values, female responsibilities are only taught by the husband and don’t need education. In the 19th century in the United States, only a handful of aristocratic families gave women a good education.

Ms. Abby Parsons (founder of Macduffie School), was born in a rich family of scholars. His father Mr. Parsons has always attached great importance to the education of his daughter. In 1879, 19-year-old Ms. Abby Parsons passed the difficult entrance exam and became the first Radcliffe College college established by Harvard faculty for women. Studying, she also became one of the first four graduates of Radcliffe College.

In order to allow more daughters of noble families to receive the excellent education she had received at Harvard, Ms. Abby Parsons Macduffie co-founded The Macduffie School with her husband John Macduffie who also graduated from Harvard University Massachusetts ’first private school for women ’s nobility It was an innovation that caused a huge stir among celebrities at that time, which caused some criticism. These people believe that letting women receive higher education is a waste of time and money.

However, after the Macduffie couple ’s educational feelings and rigorous education methods successfully nurtured the first batch of thoughtful and influential advanced aristocratic women, the concept of this group of people began to change. Sent, since then Macduffie School has been transmitted by people from all walks of life as "Blue Blood Noble School".

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