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Macduffie School is a special place, and it all starts with our mission to cultivate students' excellent thinking habits, noble moral standards, respect for the diversity of the world in order to become an efficient individual in their work and life, and vast A responsible citizen in the world Our mission emphasizes not only outstanding academic achievements, but also a complete personality, which is the basis of being a citizen of the world. To this end, we create a warm and caring collective to balance the rigorous teaching system. Although our academic requirements are very high, we take good care of every step of student growth. Our "Road to Excellence" tutoring project helps students understand and accept our CIRCLE values (collectiveness, integrity, respect, creativity, leadership and excellence), while also providing every student with careful guidance of faculty and staff. The Macduffie Campus is small but has unlimited opportunities. We encourage students to participate in various activities (model movie club, chess club, etc.). This can help students experience, experience leadership, and discover where their interests and passions are. The collective consciousness and rich choices accompany every Macduffie. I hope this helps you understand how exciting it is to be part of the Macduffie collective. I invite you to come to school in person and use your eyes to discover how our mission and values affect every Macduffie student.
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No.799 Huifeng North Road,Fengxian District,Shanghai
It only takes 30-40 minutes to drive through the cross-river tunnel of Hongmei South Road from the city to the school; the school is adjacent to the extension line of Metro Line 5 and there is a school bus shuttle.
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