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Submitting the application form is the first step in the entire application process. I hope you can submit it as soon as possible. You can complete the online application through the application service provided by us. The application includes the applicant's own part and the parent's fill-in part.

Students and their parents applying for grades 9-12 will need to have a one-on-one interview with our admissions counselor. Please complete the application form and application fee submission before the interview. If you cannot come to the admissions office to talk face-to-face in person, we will be happy to arrange this conversation by phone or Skype.

Applicants who are passionate about music or visual arts can submit a short recording or sample work. All supplementary materials must write down the applicant's name and the purpose of submission. According to our school policy, we will not return the returned copy, so we hope that you will submit the electronic version of the material.

Every year we have some scholarships based on the outstanding performance of our students. The scholarship will be awarded to a group of students with outstanding academic performance, outstanding talent, and the potential to make special contributions to the school.

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