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Both Chinese and foreign students can apply to Macduffie School. Although most of our students will come from China, at the same time, we also recognize that the diversity of the student population is conducive to raising international awareness. Chinese students can have a more international mind and vision in this diverse environment, and international students will also understand and appreciate Chinese language and culture better. Applicants in the ninth grade and above need to have certain Chinese and English skills to transition to the corresponding grade of immersive bilingual teaching. Applicants in Year 11 or Year 12 must have sufficient ability to successfully transition to the IB programme.

Applicants must complete the application steps before the deadline to ensure that they enter the review stage. You can also check the "How to Apply" page for more application instructions for different grades.
Macduffie School will provide additional support for students who are extremely gifted or have learning difficulties. Our Student Development Support Center (CSD) will help students learn and progress. According to needs, the Student Development Support Center will develop an academic support plan for these students, provide convenient conditions suitable for their abilities and continuous case management, and assist in the communication and communication between outside school professionals and schools, families and teachers .
Macduffie School hopes to accept the best applicants. At the same time, we also recognize that many talented children may not be able to afford our tuition, so we have established a scholarship program based on the outstanding performance of students. In addition to the admission application form, families who intend to apply for a scholarship must also complete a scholarship application form.
The admission process at Macduffie School will be very strict. We cannot accept all applicants. If your child is not admitted, the reasons are: 1. The school curriculum is not suitable for your child; 2. The quota is full. After the admission results are announced, the applicant will not be able to resubmit or modify the application materials, but we recommend that parents can apply again in the next school year.
All application materials must be completed before the deadline for the first round of applications. If there are vacancies, we will review the overdue applicants in the rolling admissions list starting from late April.
The admission result is only valid in the year of enrollment and cannot be automatically transferred to the second year.
We fully understand the gratitude of the applicant's parents for the work of the school's admissions department, but we need to try to avoid unnecessary interference and influence during the entire admissions process. In order to ensure the fairness of the enrollment process, all members of the school's admissions department will not accept money from parents and their friends, relatives or any other related personnel, or gifts of any value in any form at any time.
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It only takes 30-40 minutes to drive through the cross-river tunnel of Hongmei South Road from the city to the school; the school is adjacent to the extension line of Metro Line 5 and there is a school bus shuttle.
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