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Shanghai MacduffieSchool, which inherits the tradition of awarding scholarships to outstanding students for 100 years by the American MacduffieSchool, set up 10 million special scholarships for the 2020 freshmen to express the school's full leadership and academic ability for outstanding students of MacduffieAffirmation and high praise. We look forward to inspiring outstanding students to choose our school and to create a creative, leadership, and excellent self. I also look forward to inspiring students to graduate into world-renowned schools with their excellent leadership and academic ability when they graduate, and create the future with confidence.

In 2020, freshmen admitted to Shanghai Macduffie School, outstanding transfer students from international schools.

Second category: "Dark Horse Scholarship"

Description: Reward students who are outstanding in moral cultivation, academic achievement, creativity, and leadership in each semester. In order to activate the unexpected winners who surpass themselves or surpass others in the student group whose strength is unpredictable and whose potential is constantly being explored, inspire each student to become the best self.

The third category: "Excellence Scholarship"

Description: In order to practice the value pursuit of "collective, integrity, respect, creativity, leadership, excellence" of Macduffie School for 100 years, it has achieved the goal of "participating in the vine climbing program" (by the American rattan school or the United Kingdom) Oxford, Cambridge University officially admitted) graduates will be awarded 500,000 yuan. Encourage students not only to create outstanding academic achievements but also to have a complete personality in the pursuit of excellence. Become a Chinese who faces the world, understands the world, and even leads the future world.

The evaluation of the above three types of scholarships is applied by the students to the school. Shanghai Macduffie School will organize the school academic committee to conduct comprehensive evaluation and grand awards.

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