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1. Course Overview/Our Curriculum Overview

At Shanghai Midafi School, we are full of responsibility for our role in this stage. Through extensive exploration of different subjects in grades 9 and 10, students can clearly find their ideal courses in grades 11 and 12 and obtain clear and objective academic results.


Shanghai Midafi School provides students with clear and clear pathways to study, guides them into the path of personal achievement, promotes them to achieve excellent results in their own advantages, and at the same time provides their source of growth in the professional field. Our training goal is to enable all students to succeed, and obtain excellent academic results, externally recognized test results and high-quality university admissions. The course helps them to upgrade their personal skills (including the skills required for academic and personal development). Cultivate students' independent personality, with both an international perspective and Chinese feelings.

2. The Path to College/Our Pathway


3. Introduction to Grade 9 and Grade 10 of Shanghai Midafi School/The MacDuffie School Shanghai Grade 9 and 10

The ninth grade focuses on the self-development of students. The key question of this school year is "Who am I?" In this year’s study, the curriculum and academic support enable students to adapt to international education, understand the learning requirements and goals of different subjects in the classroom, and use the skills they have acquired (such as research, criticism, etc.) through practical projects, experiments, and research. Sexual thinking, teamwork, and leadership) to build new ideas, build self-confidence, and enhance art appreciation and creativity in the field of drama and art.

The 10th grade is a very important year. In this year, students will consolidate all their skills and then make decisions about their future course study, target university and career choices. At Medaf School, we take this decision very seriously and provide various counseling opportunities for parents and students. In these courses, individuals can get more information, receive personal suggestions for future learning, and a personalized learning roadmap. The focus of the 10th grade is to explore their options and then choose the path for their future academic success.

4. Curriculum Advantages

The unique structure of the 9th and 10th grade courses of Medafi School enables all students to learn from the advantages of each course and the directors of each teacher, and at the same time prepare students for the 11th and 12th grade courses (psychological, academic, comprehensive ability). The innovative curriculum design jointly developed by American schools and Medafi school education experts in China allows all the main skills and subject areas of Pre-IB, Pre-OSSD and Pre-AP to be taught in one course. The ninth and tenth grade students prepare for future courses and study using international methods. This comprehensive course helps students determine their goals before making important choices for the 11th and 12th grades and graduation qualifications, tailor the course for students, and support them throughout the course, not just study the course.

5.Subjects within Grade 9 and 10


The ninth and tenth grade courses allow students to study in a variety of subject areas. While gaining experience and learning, students are also preparing for the 11th grade course selection. The ninth and tenth grade courses are designed to prepare for all future course choices.

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